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Custom Coating, Paint, Grease, and Scale Chemical Removal Services

Serving ten industrial sectors, Carolina Chem-Strip features cleaning, stripping, de-oxidation, and degreasing for a range of process equipment. We offer sand blasting for parts up to 10′ by 8′ by 15′ in size, and chemical stripping, de-oxidation, and degreasing for parts up to 8′ by 8′ by 25′ in size. Using water soluble chemicals, we offer stripping for equipment such as hooks, racks, baffles, and paintbooth components. Cleaning and de-scaling services are available for heat exchangers, pumps, storage tanks, flat steam and phosphate coils, and washer line components. To learn more about how Carolina Chem Strip can accommodate you, contact us today.

Custom Fabrication and Repair of New Paint Racks and Hooks

Working primarily with heavy industrial paint lines and automated paint lines, Carolina Chem-Strip offers custom fabricated and repair of new paint racks and hooks. We work with a range of metals and alloys and offer over ten different fabrication methods, including bending, cutting, sawing, machining, and welding. We’re happy to feature several fabrication alternatives, and can accommodate low to high volume production runs. For more information, please contact Carolina Chem Strip.