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Heat Exchanger Baking and Chemical Stripping

Recently, a manufacturing client contracted Carolina Chem-Strip to complete the stripping of a heat exchanger. This heat exchanger measured four feet long, weighed two hundred pounds, and was constructed from aluminum material. By combining our baking and chemical stripping processes, Carolina Chem-Strip was able to successfully turn around high-quality product, shipping the refurbished part back to our customer’s facility in North Carolina in top-notch form.

To begin the stripping process, we first removed the seam sealer, undercoating, and bondo from the heat exchanger using our temperature controlled baking oven. We then placed the part into an acid bath, chemically stripping all scale and rust. After stripping was complete, we neutralized the heat exchanger in a high-alkaline tank, and then washed and dried the component, getting the part ready for shipping. We also added an Ospho finish, which helps preserve metal and prevents rust.

After we completed the stripping process, we were able to return this part back to our client in like-new condition. Our chemical stripping services helped preserve the heat exchanger for further use, saving our client’s both time and money over complete part replacement.