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1968 Mustang Baking and Chemical Stripping

At Carolina Chem-Strip, we can strip all parts, big and small, restoring old products to like-new condition. With the ability to strip very large objects, we were contracted by an automotive restoration client from North Carolina to completely strip a sixteen foot, 1968 Mustang vehicle. Based on customer specifications, the full body of this Mustang was stripped down to its bare sheet metal.

Using our temperature controlled oven, Carolina Chem-Strip was able to remove all seam sealers, undercoating, and bondo from the car before placing the Mustang into an acid bath for complete chemical stripping. The acid bath eliminated all scale and rust.

Next we washed and dried the automobile. Then the Mustang was chemically stripped, we then neutralized the vehicle in a high alkaline tank and applied an Ospho coating to preserve the car’s steel exterior and prevent against further rusting. With the ability to restore any part, big or small, we were able to chemically strip the full body of a 1968 Mustang.