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1968 Mustang Baking and Chemical Stripping
Posted May 10th, 2011

At Carolina Chem-Strip, we can strip all parts, big and small, restoring old products to like-new condition. With the ability to strip very large objects, we were contracted by an automotive restoration client from North Carolina to completely strip a sixteen foot, 1968 Mustang vehicle. Based on customer specifications, the full body of this Mustang […] [Read More]

Heat Exchanger Baking and Chemical Stripping
Posted April 26th, 2011

Recently, a manufacturing client contracted Carolina Chem-Strip to complete the stripping of a heat exchanger. This heat exchanger measured four feet long, weighed two hundred pounds, and was constructed from aluminum material. By combining our baking and chemical stripping processes, Carolina Chem-Strip was able to successfully turn around high-quality product, shipping the refurbished part back […] [Read More]